Monday, December 8, 2014

Why you can't find most of those unbelievably helpful posts anymore

Update (12/18/14): I've chosen not to be pissed off about something that once pissed me off. Consequently, I have decided to return all of the content that was here until recently. Might take a minute.

(12/20/14: OK, I think everything is back how it used to be. Also, I might start working on cloning Joseppi's from southwest Franklin County, Ohio. Which means there might be a Joseppi's post here soon.)

There are at least a few people making good money off my pizza knowledge (which took me many years to learn on my own, in addition to tons of hard work). Yet I'm not seeing any of that money, nor have I received any new opportunities from the knowledge I've shared freely with people who own pizzerias that coincidentally now receive raving reviews about their pizza. Consequently, I have unpublished the most useful posts on this blog.

I hate to do this, but I've finally realized people have used me, and that's just not cool. I have essentially nothing in life except useful knowledge, and I'm probably never going to have anything except useful knowledge, because I've allowed people to use me by naively thinking there is good in most people.

To all the people who haven't taken advantage of my willingness to share, I'm sorry.