Saturday, July 2, 2016

Detroit style video

I finally made a pizzamaking video. Strangely I did it with a style I know almost nothing about. At least, I should not be able to know much about Detroit style. But apparently I do. I know I got at least a few things wrong here, but I still think I did a very good job. Especially considering pretty much everything I did in the video was based on my interpretation of pictures. And it's not that I have some strange ability to make pizzas look like the style of pizza I'm trying to clone, without also getting some of the taste characteristics right. Rather, it's more likely that I have an ability to read and make sense of the appearances of certain pizzas, then replicate them pretty well. 

At this point, here are some things I think I may have done wrong in the video: I did not give the dough enough time to ferment properly. The dough was probably a little too stiff. I also used old yeast, which I think may have been half dead. (I may have more to add.)

Here's the video: